Frequently Asked Questions


Does Redmond K-12 Online provide curriculum options?

Yes.  Redmond K-12 Online contracts with Florida Virtual Academy, Connections Learning and FuelEducation to provide curriculum.  All online learning providers are industry leaders in online curriculum with access to countless educational resources.  We are happy to discuss curriculum options with you to determine the best fit for your child.

Does Redmond K-12 Online provide students with a computer?

Yes.  Chromebooks are available for all students (K-12th) enrolled in Redmond K-12 Online.

What grades and subjects are covered by the Redmond K-12 Online Curriculum?

Redmond K-12 Online offers hundreds of courses serving grades K through 12 across all core subjects and a wide range of electives. From Algebra to Web Design, from Kindergarten Language Arts to AP English, we have the right course to match your student’s needs.

How will my child receive support with his/her online classes?

Redmond K-12 Online students receive support in many different ways.  Support is available virtually, in person at the technology center, and even by phone.

What is the Redmond K-12 Online Technology Center?

The Technology Center is what sets our program apart from many online options because it adds the vital factor of human interaction to the online learning experience.  The technology center is a place for students to access computers, get one-on-one academic support, connect with other students and their academic mentor, complete course work, and troubleshoot any online program issues.  The technology center is open for drop-ins on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.  Parents of elementary students should plan to attend with their student and parents of 6 – 8th grade students are always welcome to join their children at the technology center.

What is the role of the parent/guardian as a learning coach?

In elementary and early middle school grades the parent/guardian, as learning coach, devotes considerable time—four to five hours each day is a common expectation—and plays a key role in helping the student develop study skills, helping to facilitate the student’s progress, and working to modify the pace and schedule as needed. Even as students learn to do more activities and lessons independently, parent/guardian participation and supervision remain vital.

As students become more independent in the late middle school and high school years, the learning coach typically spends less time on daily oversight and guidance for the student, but continues to play a critically important role in supporting the student, keeping in touch with the student’s teachers, monitoring student progress, and making sure the student’s needs are met as issues arise.

Are your courses aligned with state standards?

Redmond K-12 Online courses are aligned to both Common Core and state standards.

Do you serve students with IEPs?

Yes.  Your student’s academic mentor will work closely with Redmond School District special education teachers to manage your student’s IEP.  Additionally, course instructors will utilize students’ IEPs to guide instruction. It is important to note that although accommodations can be provided to meet student’s IEP needs, the curriculum itself cannot be modified.

Is our home computer going to work for online learning?

Some families choose to use their own computer for online courses.  System requirements for Connections Learning and FuelEducation can be found by clicking these links.

What about accreditation?

Redmond K-12 Online courses delivered through Florida Virtual AcademyConnections Learning and FuelEducation have met requirements established by the AdvanceEd Accreditation Commision (now Cognia), and are further accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commision.

What about NCAA Eligibility?

Students who are registered with the NCAA have additional requirements.  Students enrolling in NCAA courses are required to enroll in a cohort with very specific start and end dates and and will have required amounts of online time with each teacher each week.  If NCAA eligibility is important for your student please contact us at 541-923-8928 to discuss the details.


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