How Does Redmond K-12 Online Work?


Redmond K-12 Online students engage in a digitally rich environment anywhere, any time, with the support of a team of committed teachers and local academic mentors, while still accessing select classes and activities offered at Redmond School District schools.  The student support team is comprised of an Oregon Certified online teacher, a Redmond K-12 Online academic mentor, and learning coach.  The student utilizes the support team to help achieve desired learning outcomes.

Online Teacher

An Oregon Certified online teacher works directly with each student using a rigorous, standards aligned curriculum.  Teachers are available by phone, email, and in many cases live sessions.

Redmond K-12 Online student have access to core curriculum and exciting electives.

Online teachers will:

  • Integrate state-of-the-art instructional tools and curriculum to engage and instruct.
  • Track each student’s progress and adjust individual learning plans appropriately.
  • Provide one-on-one support and instruction via phone, email, and virtual technology.
  • Update you regularly on your online progress and challenges.


Redmond K-12 Online Academic Mentor 

The support of the Redmond K-12 Online Academic Mentor is what sets our program apart from other online options. A mentor’s primary role is to support students.  The mentor will play an integral role in a student’s education.  They will not only monitor progress in courses, but will also be available for academic support via phone, email, and one-on-one support both in person and virtually online.

One-on-one support will occur at the Redmond K-12 Online Technology Center during drop-in hours.  Drop-in times are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 9am-1pm. The Technology Center is a place where students will feel comfortable to work on current class work, get help on assignments or projects, connect with peers, and get general program questions answered.


Learning Coach

The learning coach is typically a parent who works closely with his/her child as they complete class work. The learning coach provides hands-on support to all facets of his/her child’s education.

Since online students spend most of their instructional time away from the Redmond K-12 Online staff, the parents and /or guardians must be active participants in their children’s education.  Here are some tips for how to help your child in the online setting:

  • Create a quiet and distraction free study area in your home for your childMom helping daughter
  • Set your child’s online and offline study schedule
  • Set academic expectations and hold your child accountable for meeting your expectations with rewards and consequences
  • Monitor your child’s progress.
  • Communicate frequently with your child’s course instructors and the Redmond K-12 Online staff.
  • Contact the Redmond K-12 Online staff directly with questions or concerns as they arise.


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Kristen Rooney-Gleeson
Redmond School District
Redmond K-12 Online Coordinator

Enrollment for Semester Two begins January 18, 2021.

Enrollment for semester two begins on January...

This is the BEST option we have found that allows our family the ability to travel while receiving a stellar education.

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