Successful Online Students

  1. Are Self-Motivated: Since online students do not see a teacher on a daily basis, they need to be able to motivate themselves to work on their assignments without an adult telling them to stay on task.
  2. Are Dedicated: In order to be successful students must be willing to dedicate around 6 hours each day to their school work.
  3. Are Supported: Students need to have a support system for getting help.  Students need to use a combination of online teachers, Redmond K-12 Online academic mentor, and  learning coach to help them stay on track, but all students need to have an adult who is directly involved with their online education on a regular basis.
  4. Have Good Reading Skills: Much of our curriculum content is delivered through online textbooks which are written at grade level, so students must be able to read and learn from grade level sources.
  5. Are Good Problem Solvers: When students run into problems, they need to research answers on their own.  When they cannot solve a problem individually, students need to ask for help when they need it via email, phone, or at drop-in Technology Center times.
  6. Are Flexible: As with any technology-based program, sometimes students will run into glitches.  When they find links that do not work or cannot open a file sent to them by their teacher, students need to be able to take these challenges in stride and work with their teachers to resolve issues.


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Kristen Rooney-Gleeson
Redmond School District
Redmond K-12 Online Coordinator

Enrollment for Semester Two begins January 18, 2021.

Enrollment for semester two begins on January...

This is the BEST option we have found that allows our family the ability to travel while receiving a stellar education.

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